16 01 2023 – TradeKey becomes a B2B Marketplace in the TRADE GATEWAYS Programme


Tradekey Becomes a B2B Marketplace in the TRADEGATEWAYS Programme

Under the TRADEGATEWAYS Programme, Buyers and Sellers, access Trade Partners through one of the centralized B2B Marketplaces in the TRADE GATEWAYS Programme. After concluding a transaction, they then utilize a local Trade Gateway that is part of the TRADE GATEWAYS programme. There they can access Digital Trade Tools to digitize the accruing trade, cut transaction times, and execute agreed transactions, in a faster and more secure manner.

TradeKey has become a B2B Marketplace in the TRADEGATEWAYS Programme. TradeKey is a global B2B platform established in 2006 and has a distinguished presence globally. TradeKey is one of the largest international E-Marketplaces for exporting and importing. It has about 10 million registered users. Millions of people visit TradeKey every month. TradeKey gives extraordinary exposure to companies in the global market, who can now use the TRADEGATEWAYS Programme to digitize and facilitate accruing Trade.